Who with whom??


That rainy day before 15th August turned to be a life changer.Something strange happened then and my life was turned inside out.So ,oily hairs can do wonders!

The story continues..

Analyzing those beautiful moments that just passed some hours ago, I started to think about the future of these overwhelming feelings ..his face criss-crossed by mind a zillion times everytime I thought of the way he was staring at me.

But then life isnt a bed of roses,there will always be unnecessary thrones in your way.All my “smiling randomly”types feelings soon turned sour as I went into my “deep thought “brain …..

who with whom?
who with whom?

1.The boy dancing in my heart body and soul was catholic..who was I ??Hindu!!

2.My family…The people who have never seen what a love marraige looks like!ofcourse will never understand what I am going through..(I had already seen instances before I derived my conclusion here)

3. If at all we ever end up being in a relationship?What would be the future?absolutely nothing!!…

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There and then started my heart and mind conflicts..


Heart :Are you going to leave your love because of your family?

Mind:Obviously!its a family and family comes first

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Heart:But this is the only guy!I mean you remember the way he was staring at you..deep,chaste and pure without any lust unlike all the other boys.He was looking at you as if you are the most precious thing he had ever seen.Until when do you think can you run away from his eyes?

Mind:So what should I do?Throw away my books and stare back at him?Think of the pain my papa takes to teach me by himself!How do I betray him?


who with whom
who with whom?

Mind:Enough of this now please!Well in my previous schools too there were boys I had feelings for but yeah!I agree not this way..not that way either..but whatever it was..It just came and went right..This will also go.

Heart:But those were not like this ..you know that really well..

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Mind:Yes..I know.You will lose contact after school along with these feelings too.

Heart:But this is love!!!!

Mind:Look dont irritate me!2 weeks later half yearly exams will start and let me remind you..this is NOT LOVE🥺

So I concluded it was infatuation…after this long brainstorming session !!😌

I tried to gain control over my feelings since then but there were few things which then started being a part of my routine.The best part being watching him secretly everytime he entered the class and left it.Few more included staring at him whenever I could, observing him everytime he was having fun,enjoying with his friends and smiling over some conversation.I loved to see him smile and longed to converse with him though we could never talk.Say it self-consiousness or some kind of shy nature we shared but anyways neither of us could initiate.

I always wanted to be his benchmate but alas!I wasnt that lucky.Somehow my benchmate had a crush on his benchamate.Strange but funny.

Yeah! a good ques,”exchange your seats?”

But exchanging seats was a punishable offense since our seats were designated rather awarded by our so called science teacher who ofcourse taught everything other than science in his period.Another point to be emphasized here would be the beautiful daughter of our science teacher was unfortunately our batchmate which ofcourse was a great disaster for the entire batch.She was a spy.Drop a pin in the class and our science teacher would know about it overnight.A perfect father daughter duo….

I could do nothing other than dreaming of being his benchmate,sitting near him at a distance of about one and a half feets spaced by our school bags in between.

Few days later as the teachers day was approaching,a celebration was sure to take place.Each one of the class,6th onwards had to prepare a performance of their choice to be staged within 5 minutes.

We were all excited too.Within a day few of us sat together and then we decided to perform a group duo which was like boys and girls performing duo but in a group like the ones that you see in marraige ceremonies these days.Now after these there were major two challenges to be conquered.

First was the selection of song,which still remains a major issue before every performance but back in around 2008 this event comprised of multiple heated discussions,debates,polls,elections and conquests.Surprising but true and all these was done just for the selection of songs.Again apperance of so called obvious hindi words such as,”dil”,”pyaar”,”mohabbat” and synonyms were strictly prohibited.

Thus selecting such a weird song was largely difficult as back in those days bollywood mostly inserted songs when it was either a hearttouching or a heart breaking situtation.

The second challenge was selection of patners.Who to dance with whom?There were obvious ready made pairs with accordance to their heights but the rest!that was dilematic.Anyways,it was finally decided that the girls team will formulate a list and the boys team will reimprovise that.Whatever is mentioned in the final list thus becomes permanent and no further change was to be allowed.

After a lot of pull and push,quarrels and heated sessions everything finally settled down.And now was the time to break the ice.The song decided was,”Dance pe chance” from the movie “Rab ne Bana di jodi” .

The patner list was formulated by a team of girls where I was the chief and the patners we had collectively selected seemed perfected.No envy,no favour,but the basis of selection was height .Matching heighted boy and similar heighted girl were patnered.

I remembered to have patnered myself with pratyush.

The list was finally forwared to the boys for cross verification and final approval.The team of those men hovered together on that tiny sheet of paper to see what their lady luck had kept for them.Perhaps!that was only one spoon of royal jelly and a thousand queen bees ready to engulf it.

who with whom?
who with whom?

Finally the list was disclosed again in science class as the teacher loved poking into everything other than science.

I was to read the list aloud in the class standing near the teachers table.There were about 8 pairs to be staged and the moment I was handed over the list ,my eyes were stuck at my name.

While I started reading all the 7 pairs from the top,the last pair names read,swati and abhisek.

I was paired with him.

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