Is she cheating on you?10 scientifially proven signs that she might be cheating on you

she is cheating on you

Our lives have evolved a lot from mere apes to well advanced and intelligent human beings but this diligency has raised an eyebrow on its misuse…yes you got it right !treacherous ,cunning and deceitful way of cheating someone or using the person for own benefits. Specifically when it comes to men ,researches have  shown that … Read more

Episode 1.Chasers

episode 1 chasers

Right from the day one ….that eventful day I managed to gather some of the so called “stalkers”..not exaclty stalkers but chasers…a few around 3-4 ..HE was one of them ….unknown to the fact above ..I had already set my mind to be the topper again..people there were strange than the last school..pupils of different … Read more

10 things to understand if he plays with your hair.Take the “does he like me quiz” to know your answer.

does he play with your hair

As we know ,”beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”,so if he really likes your hair ! Then these are the clear 10 things to interpret if he plays with your hair…Men often love beautiful hair,no matter what,let it be long ,short, lengthy,curly,fuzzy and what not!! But remember girl it must suit your face. 1.He … Read more