10 things to understand if he plays with your hair.Take the “does he like me quiz” to know your answer.

As we know ,”beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”,so if he really likes your hair ! Then these are the clear 10 things to interpret if he plays with your hair…Men often love beautiful hair,no matter what,let it be long ,short, lengthy,curly,fuzzy and what not!! But remember girl it must suit your face.

1.He likes being around you !

does he play with your hair
does he play with your hair 1

Have you noticed that he stares at you more when you change your hairstyle ?? or when you suddenly let it open! If the answer is yes…then it’s a go go girl !he certainly likes being around you. And take my word..he will love howering around you and find chances to play with your hair…

2.If he plays with your hair;maybe you look a bit prettier..

does he play with your hair
does he play with your hair

If he tries to get hold of those beautiful traces of yours then you certainly are looking a bit prettier that ever. And trust me on this too…it may be a golden opportunity to say it loud …hope cupid blesses you both !fingers crossed

3.Its One step ahead,if he plays with your hair

Hey girl ..if he is your crush then,its surely one step ahead..i mean he is somewhat into you. And If he is your man,then you know what to do next…

Either way it’s a win win and the right time to take one step ahead…if you know what I mean.

4.He has hidden feelings for you

Here comes something from my personal story..(click on this to read more)..the moment I witness him stare at my hair,praise and play with them..i had always noticed that he wanted to say something but couldn’t..

does he play with your hair
does he play with your hair

Same is the case with you too…the next time he plays with your hair ,just look into his eyes and shoot,”I know you want to say something.”…take my words; again this will make wonders.

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5.Probably!he is silently flirting with you..you never know

If you are not already in a relationship with him,then here he may be trying to woo you. According to many scientific studies playing with your hair is not just a gesture, its actually a silent away to express a lot. So if he does play with your hair,try to guess the moment,the kind of touch and then derive your conclusion…no matter what ,in this toxic world,may be he might be just using you..

But if you see the depth of truth in his eyes, then surely he is the one..

6.Playing with your hair might bring some good news within few days..

If you find the above points suit your case too and you are desperately waiting him to propose,then  abhishikta feels your wait is over. Within a few days or so you will notice some changes in the way he interacts with you,maybe he simply surprises you more by making frequent visits or initiates conversation first or does something to make you laugh ,then get ready for the good news.

does he play with your hair
does he play with your hair

There are high chances he shall propose soon but if he doesn’t and you feel the same spark ,then take the lead but before that do ensure he is not playing with you.

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7.He simply likes those beautiful velvets

does he play with your hair
does he play with your hair

Imagine a windy evening and you get a chance to go out with him,your open tresses irritate your eyes naughtily and he notices that. As you try to sue them away he simply removes them from your face and to your surprise asks you to tie them up and take care  of them,keep them away from dust!! Wouldn’t it be romantic enough..

What else would a girl need when she has someone who loves her and cares for her curls too.So to keep your curls intact try these

8.If he wants to stare at your face more,then he will surely play with your hair

And now this goes from my story ….many  a times he plays with my hair,slowly removes them strand by strand from my face and stares at me while I blush into deep pink ..

does he play with your hair
does he play with your hair2

If this happens with you too,then trust me you are the most beautiful possession he ever looked at..

9.Maybe!he is just calming you

Ever cried in front of him ?with deep anguish ??with tremendous pressure or anxiety?and did your hair wobble up on your face difficult on your part to control them.

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does he play with your hair
does he play with your hair

If in such situation he calms you down,gently pulls back your hair and tucks them behind your ear..then mark my words you are so so lucky to have him.but if you  are still not in a relationship then you can surely try dating him.

10.If he plays with your hair then,yes ofocurse he is attracted to you..

And finally,after such long heated discussion, you can be assured that your hair has brought both of you really close…and yes ofcourse he is attracted to you..

he is interested in you
does he play with your hair

So hey girls!if you have faced any of these situations,then comment below and let abhishikta know about it .Also do take care of your hair ….keep them fuzzy ,lively ,free from dust and knots. Just try these and you will see visible changes within a month..

Also donot forget to try out different home made shampoos for your beautiful hair.

Take this “Does he like me “quiz here to get the answers to your queries.

Take this quiz to find out if he likes you

Playing with your hair is a gentle behaviour and there can be number of possibilities that can be derived from this.Before jumping into conclusions lets just analyze the probabalities..

READY!Get Set Go!!!

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