Heart-mind again…


Dancing with him was a thrill.Memory of the practise session that evening was sure to leave an impression in my heart forever.That sensation still lingered in my hand.Nonetheless I started longing for him,searching for him in the crowd,taking chance to stare at him.Within this chaos, half yearly exams were getting really close…

The story continues…

Some 4 to  5 days later we had our half yearly exams and the very first paper that we had was Art.Paint brushes are an alien to me,something that never fitted the chords of my hands.An antonym to myself;he was a great artist.On that eventful art exam day the teacher jotted down two topics on the blackboard to draw any one of them.Both of them were equally strange for me.Well I choose to draw the beach setting with some water and a lighthouse.I finished my drawing and was sitting idle while he came  and sat next to my bench to hire some colours from neighbouring students.

Before submitting his sheets he looked at  mine and giggled,”What kind of lighthouse is this?”which I ignored completely and replied ,”what do u like in me ?”

He looked at me and answered,”Your face….and I guess ,everything.I like everything in you.”I was all into him again.

How I wished that the exam could be postponed so that I would sit with open books and keep thinking about him day and night,rewinding his lines,dancing with him,relishing his smile all over and over again.

heart mind again
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The main exam started and the first paper went well contrary to my fear since most of the time I was busy thinking about him.While returning back to home on that day I saw him cycling back to his house nearby and then waved a casual goodbye to while he smiled and waved back .Ahh! and the same smile again…

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The moment I reached back home I went to the mirror and untied my pony.I found and got a small clutch and tried it on to my hair;perfect!I looked better with the semi tied hairs.

Next day after the exam as we were returning back in the school bus,I found him infront of rakesh’s house,the road by which our bus passes everyday.We looked at each other through the window adjacent to my seat.He waved this time.I waved back.

“So Was he waiting just to wave me bye”?..

This continued whole throughout the week.He kept waiting for me at the same place and either of us would initiate a “bye” while the other would wave back with a smile ..

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heart mind fight
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It was the last day of the week .After the exam something strange happened.

While I was waiting for my bus in the school lawn siddharth came up to me and said ,”I need to tell u something but before that you make a promise not to hit me”.I was astonished as to what was wrong all on a sudden.

“What happened,”I asked.

“Promise me first,”he insisted.

Moments later samarth joined him saying ,”Lets tell her,she wont hit us.”

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I was waiting anxiously ,”Fine!I wont kill you people.Now tell me what’s the matter “.

After few more minutes of their chaos regarding ,”will she hit us?” or “will she spare us? “they gathered up their courage and approached again .

“Look please don’t react so much ,we are just messengers and have nothing to do with the case .”

“Tell me please,”I was already getting anxious..

“Actually Pratyush and bitu both of them like you.We mean both of them share a common crush which is you.Eventually both are trying to woo you”,they started vomiting their minds.

“wait !what ?”,I was about to get furious,confused and surprised all together.

“Listen to the whole story first”they continued,”but they have decided whom so ever u choose for yourself will continue flirting and the other one will step back.You have your freedom to choose .They have already made up their mind to gladly accept your decision”.

“What if I select none?”

“NO!No!,that’s not an option at all,”they shrilled.

“I don’t have time for all this …I have exams”,I said making a frown and an artificial face.

heart mind again
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“That’s gud !see they wont stop flirting ,right!so just choose one name and rest this case “..

“Fine!I need one day … “

Yes I needed a day though I was sure of the decision but then there were many underlying questions dancing in front of my eyes.One was whom I wanted but then being his forever was a mere mirage.The other was someone who might be a little more befitting to my origin and society apart from being my competitor.Hence a day was needed …

While returning back that day too he was waiting at the same place again to wave goodbye but to accompany him there was manish who shouted ,”waiting for your answer “and giggled while I was sure by then that whole of the male population of my class was involved in this.What crazy people!

The next day was Sunday so the result was to be declared on Monday i.e deadly physics exam day .

Throughout my journey back to home,I kept thinking about it,like very seriously.Deep down I knew the answer though somewhere in my heart I was amazed by his ways.Was it a kind of some brave proposal or a mere cowardness ,letting someone else ask the question which he should have asked.Or was It a question which my own life had to ask me?

I never thought pratyush too.I mean like really!I had just started thinking him to be a nice guy and this is the result of it!Anyways he actually scored 20 out of 100 just because our native places matched and hence the basic social structure too while the other person scored 95 (-5 bcoz he was Christian !well that was not his mistake yet the only reason for the entire dilemma).

The fact of this dilemma vested in the future of this relation. If I get to be his someday I wont be able to handle to break apart while if I don’t then…infact there was no other option but him.Thus started a heart –mind fight again..

Mind:I guess you have your physics exam on Monday

Heart:So what ?its a crucial question

Mind :What rubbish is this !You just have to select a name.Why are you being so serious ?afterall its just infatutation .Its ”like “and not “love”.

Heart:The result must have value.How could it be”just a name “.

Mind:Look he didn’t even propose.It’s just a mere question that too for himself so that he might get a chance of flirting or something and who knows if this is a kind of some trap to disturb you in between exams.

Heart:this is too much ,I am just asked to select one ..

Mind:then do it and close this chapter.You are not getting into any relation for now.

Heart:yaaa but ..

Mind:its over ! Now could you please spare some mercy on your books too.They are open and staring at you…

Deep down I was worried as to not to lose marks because of this drama.I managed somehow to revise well with moments of blushing every now and then.

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  1. I literally “fell” for him: Since my crush sits behind me in class, when we stood up to do the pledge I stood up too fast and I stumbled over to him so to not fall on the ground I reached to grab his desk but I accidentally GRABBED HIM and I ended up falling on top of him and we both screamed. Luckily I didn’t hurt or crush him. My teacher and everyone else started laughing and I got so red afterwards. Now when we stand up for the pledge, he moves all the way to the back of the room away from me[url=”https://auctionflex.en-rabat.space”].[/url]


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