Episode 7:The blank cheque


The school was planning to organize a lovely picnic which was joined by most of the pupils in the class but me.I had number of unprecedented circumstances implying I would be unable to join in that wonderful occassion but then I was reluctant.I was unwillingly to let go of that picnic,hesistant to forsake that beautiful memory and most of it,resistant to let go of even one day when I could have simply watched him smile.Will any blank cheque turn out magical now?

The story goes on….

Sun apparently set late that day I guess and my father was back from work.I started begging my father “please can I go ..”

Before he could further enquire my mom shrilled out of no where ,”no u cannot let her go “

The blank cheque
Image by Emmie_Norfolk from Pixabay

“Henpecked husband !,”I thought to myself.

Anyways I still tried and the obivious answer of my father was ,”no beta,who will leave you at school campus that day and how will u come back?that too late night”.

“But papa just for one day I guess you can adjust.I have never been to the school picnic.All of my frIends are going.”

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“And that too look at the fees,200 rs!!”

“They have included all meals in that too .I have never asked you for pocket money too.
Please let me go “I begged.

“No you are not going “was the stern and final reply that evening .

All on a sudden from no where I went back to my place where I study usually and started crying. I started cursing the company, my father’s job ,lack of much conveyances and finally god too.

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“For this family I am unable to take decision regarding him and just because of my parents I don’t even dare to express my feelings and when it comes to a mere picnic! look at their reaction.Why don’t you make them understand that I can’t manage without  staring at  him.

Can’t I have the privilege to look at the one I love looking at..but why me !!”I started blaming everyone in and around me .

Lot of more drops of tears followed and then dried out with agony .

The blank cheque
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The night before sleeping I found one of my book having a blank cheque in it with my father’s signature. It was meant for the someone who visited us later that evening. He must have kept it there in a hurry since the book was an easy access but then forgot to take it back .I just thought to return it back to my father the next morning and then went to sleep.

Next morning I packed my bag and took that same book to school despite of having a blank cheque.Back at school classes started as usual but then every single period was interrupted by someone who came to the class and said that my father rang the principal to ask me to handle the book carefully since it had  that blank cheque.

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My father was so tensed that he left no other phone number linked with my school and rang on every other number to convey the same message again and again. Nonetheless I was called by the principal in the lunch break to be told the same thing again.

Something stroke my mind later that evening.

Later that evening as soon as my father arrived I gave the cheque back to him and while he was just about to take it away from my hand, I pulled my hand back saying,”give me Rs 200 for picnic”.

“Ok fine! Let me get the change from the neighbor “came the reply.

I was surprised to the greatest extent as I never expected my plan would work so efficiently.

Anyways due to this blank cheque not only me but 3 of my neighborhood kids of class 6 who were kept on standby also joined the picnic.

I wish I could keep that blank cheque in my dairy as a beautiful memoranda, a unique route to success.

The very next day was the picnic.

Yes I was excited ,I knew I could have him or may be at least talk to him easily since pupils in my class were smart enough to get hold of us and start teasing which I never wanted. Bus being actually overloaded with pupils seating with stools in the path, the journey was even exciting.

I ensured to shampoo my hair since I knew my hair is something, mostly beloved, atleast I knew he loved staring at them. Whole throughout the journey we shouted ,sang and danced to our heart’s elite and played our musical radio all by our voices shrilling like crows together.

Reaching at the destination, I could guess he was feeling the same that I did. We were in the planetarium sitting at our seats, looking high up to the ceiling as if we could engulf all the knowledge that was scheduled to be showered few moments later.

The blank cheque
Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 from Pexels

As I was seated with my girl gang, he with his friend hopped in to sit in the front row of where I was seated and to my heart’s delight he sat in the seat just infront of me.

Planetarium started hosting its show of something about how the earth was formed, but to my agony it has been 3 times I have been to the same show, yet I have never understood what it actually tried to explain and same was the condition that day too.

Then I just let go of that show and then all I wanted was to see what exactly was he doing. He put a hanky on his face to avoid the light, and slept with his seat bend to the maximum, such that it seemed as if he was sleeping on my lap.

Slightly when I brought my face in front of his, I could see his lips, warm and juicy. I didn’t know how to kiss then, but I still remember the sudden urge I felt to place my lips on his. Alas! Why were we not in a relation! Why did I have to miss that moment!On top of it I couldn’t say that I wanted to love him then? I knew if I would have done that, it would have been our best kept secret but that still remains in my imagination.

We had our lunch an hour later and then moved to the nicco park, but whole of the journey had something really noticeable; whenever I wanted to look around for him, he was right there besides me. We didn’t talk, we didn’t converse but I knew we had our hearts talking to each other, smiling and blushing at times. What do I think of this, coincidence or his heart’s desire???

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