Episode 1.Chasers

Right from the day one ….that eventful day I managed to gather some of the so called “stalkers”..not exaclty stalkers but chasers…a few around 3-4 ..HE was one of them ….unknown to the fact above ..I had already set my mind to be the topper again..people there were strange than the last school..pupils of different religions, cultures, races ,languages(overall the sum of secular INDIA)..hindi being the main language of communication,illegally..teachers unable to even pronounce my name …but sooner or later within a week I had gathered enough attention..”as a exceptional student ..

“What a diligent student!”for teachers ..and a heroine to a lot of boys (god knows y ?I was barely 12 )and “I can do anything for her “to some more ….while for HIM I was “this girl is mine;leave her for me “.

It was overall like a new comer entering a college just like what happens in a bollywood movie..

Rest apart the pros included;girls and boys were sitting together in the class..school was small but beautiful ..every other teacher enquired about my previous school and the fact why was I here which wa,s my father was transffered from Mumbai to Varanasi ..I preffered sitting beside a girl,Shanaya who turned out to be my bestie sooner ..And then,within a week something strange occured .


A senior girl from class eight came to me and secretly summoned me out of my class during lunch break ..I was afraid that something was wrong .She started narrating her terrible story ,”the guy sitting beside me ..Alok Mishra ..has gone mad from the day he saw u ,”I was already terrified at this …she comtinued”please ..he will die without you …he keeps on repeatedly trying to cut his wrist,please say yes to his proposal “All I wanted was to yell,”get out from my sight”but I could only say,”sorry let him do whatever he wants ..I am in no mood to hear such nuisance”..surprisingly I had never ever seen that boy !🤕…The same senior visited me few more times with the same request,but again I hate such disgusting chasers..

I was in no mood to get into a relationship with anyone,hampers carrier you know !!!🙈A few months later around july or something the girl sitting behind me,
Aanya told me “you know there are 2 die hard ashiques of yours in this class..Bitu,is one of them “and then i was like ..”so??”,

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She continued,”but he is a nice guy!trust me,”

“Look, I want a good academic carrier of mine,and the main thing my family is dead against this….so I would be thankful if you could change the topic”.

She interrupted again,”but you can be friends,right?”

“Not at all,”was my mind-it types of reply ,”look God has given him eyes,let him keep glaring,it DOESN’T matter to me at all”

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By then ,I knew some few boys in my class only,Arav toppo;the guy sitting behind me,devansh; the one who keeps on fighting with “everytime saying slangs” types girl benchmate,the long haired Kalpit Pandey,Samarth; the constant personal assistant who followed every teacher back to the staff room loaded with homework copies.

Two other important entities who stole the chaos of the class,for God knows what reasons; included Pratyush and Siddharth.

But the question still remained unanswered,”Who was Bitu?”

The entire academic year of class seven passed by while the identity of the prime chaser,remained unidentified.


There were multiple reasons for this,primarily I was inherited from an orthodox bramhin family who stays in secular India far away from the true sense of secularism and equality.Secondly,I wanted a good academic career,the fact of being called the topper then,always remained a aww. Point no three,if someday my mother finds something happened and the teacher complained to my parents,then she would be devasted,as if I would run away with that boy and start wailing with all the black mailing emotions.And lastly,I hated chasers. I agree to the fact that love knows no bounds,but forcing love on someone!!there should be a ban on this atleast..

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Yet I still ignored him,so much so that I never felt the need to even enquire who that unidentified fellow was!what did he look like?why was he named “a good guy” and so on.

The first and the second reasons were enough to justify my nature of decision.

Episode 2:And that was all

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  1. It’s nice to read the same story which made your junior college days a little interesting 😅. Beautifully described emotions. Carry on.

  2. Just Wow Swati….very nice…….Saaarey memories flash back horahein….Miss those days yaar…The way you described every moment is awesome…


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