Episode 7:The blank cheque

The blank cheque

Recap: The school was planning to organize a lovely picnic which was joined by most of the pupils in the class but me.I had number of unprecedented circumstances implying I would be unable to join in that wonderful occassion but then I was reluctant.I was unwillingly to let go of that picnic,hesistant to forsake that … Read more

Episode 6:The keychain..

The keychain

Recap: Soon after the exam I was asked an unexpected question for which I needed more than 24 hours to decide.Whom should I choose was quite a dilemma.But then I had to select one and did my job after a long heart and mind battle. The story continues…. Monday as the exam was over I … Read more

Heart-mind again…

heart mind again

Recap: Dancing with him was a thrill.Memory of the practise session that evening was sure to leave an impression in my heart forever.That sensation still lingered in my hand.Nonetheless I started longing for him,searching for him in the crowd,taking chance to stare at him.Within this chaos, half yearly exams were getting really close… The story … Read more

Episode 4:Holding hands with him

Holding hands with him

Recap… The dance practise was about to begin after the finalization of pairs.The last pair in the list was Swati and Abhisek.I was paired with him. The story continues…. Practice day 1 :positioning of pairs “Why isnt he talking to me ?is he so shy !! “,was the first question which I asked to myself … Read more

Who with whom??

who with whom

Recap: That rainy day before 15th August turned to be a life changer.Something strange happened then and my life was turned inside out.So ,oily hairs can do wonders! The story continues.. Analyzing those beautiful moments that just passed some hours ago, I started to think about the future of these overwhelming feelings ..his face criss-crossed … Read more

Episode 2:And that was all

episode 2:And that was all

Recap: So yes!that was all for year 2008. A slow,steady and curious year which went by too fast because I was busy getting acustomed with the new dusty environment,learning and playing new inter house tournaments, growimg up with the house team spirit(I was in the red house),managing without mobile network back at home and with … Read more

Episode 1.Chasers

episode 1 chasers

Right from the day one ….that eventful day I managed to gather some of the so called “stalkers”..not exaclty stalkers but chasers…a few around 3-4 ..HE was one of them ….unknown to the fact above ..I had already set my mind to be the topper again..people there were strange than the last school..pupils of different … Read more