Homemade shampoo.10 different Homemade Shampoo recipes for all types of hair

homemade shampoo

Are you thinking of preparing some homemade shampoo for your beautiful hair?If yes,then you are at the right place.Know all about shampoo and why would you actually need a homemade shampoo and the different ways you can make it right at the comfort of your home. What is a shampoo? Shampoo is usually a viscous … Read more

10 fastest ways to get rid of acne at home.How to get rid of acne at home

10 fastest ways to get rid of acnes at home

Hey girl have you tried getting rid of acne at home but failed many times? Are you tired of getting pimples just before a house party you are about to host?or are you exhausted of trying to clear it out a day before an important conference.Are you sick of getting acne everytime your cycle is … Read more

10 things to understand if he plays with your hair.Take the “does he like me quiz” to know your answer.

does he play with your hair

As we know ,”beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”,so if he really likes your hair ! Then these are the clear 10 things to interpret if he plays with your hair…Men often love beautiful hair,no matter what,let it be long ,short, lengthy,curly,fuzzy and what not!! But remember girl it must suit your face. 1.He … Read more