What is caste system in India?5 basics of caste and its impact on Indian society.

caste system in india

What is  a caste? Numerous philosophers and sociologists have described caste in their own way. To name few are the following: E. Blunt – “Caste is an endogamous group bearing a common name, membership of which is hereditary, imposing on its members certain restrictions in the matter of social intercourse, either following a common traditional occupation … Read more

Is she cheating on you?10 scientifially proven signs that she might be cheating on you

she is cheating on you

Our lives have evolved a lot from mere apes to well advanced and intelligent human beings but this diligency has raised an eyebrow on its misuse…yes you got it right !treacherous ,cunning and deceitful way of cheating someone or using the person for own benefits. Specifically when it comes to men ,researches have  shown that … Read more