Episode 2:And that was all


So yes!that was all for year 2008. A slow,steady and curious year which went by too fast because I was busy getting acustomed with the new dusty environment,learning and playing new inter house tournaments, growimg up with the house team spirit(I was in the red house),managing without mobile network back at home and with curious people around looking for my like buzzing bees.All of these were equally tactful,specially when you have a line etched in your mind,”be the topper again”.

woman thinking
woman thinking

Story continues(And that was all)….

It was in class 8 now and a few months passed with no much curiousity left about the last unanswered question,

The then “who”,”why”,”how” of that unaswered fellow remained actually shut in the deepest closet of my mind which ofcourse would have never been reopened if something as follows would not have happened.

It was just 4 days probably left to August 15 and we from class 6 to 9 joined in for the parade practise in a common stadium which was around 800 meters away from the school campus.We made a cute long line and walked to the stadium for practise.The practise included pupils from few nearby schools,police personnels,army commadments ,in whole counting to around 10 large troops.Suddenly that day it started thundering and there was a heavy downpour.It rained cats and dogs while all of us rushed to get shelter in a large auditorium attached to the stadium.

We waited there till the rains stopped and then walked back to school.The after rains scenario was beautiful and enchanting.The best part being everyone was equally drenched with drops of water trickling from their bodies.And as we all wished,the school was declared half day.

Everyone fled happily,few by walking ,mostly by cycles.But there were students like me who had to wait for their school bus arriving at its usual time..which was 1pm and this was the most horrible fact.

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Anyways I had no other choice.All I could do was to ask Shanaya to wait along with me instead of walking back home.

I was drenched equally.My clothes had almost dried up but hair was still wet so i decided to untie my ponies.Tieing up your hair into two ponies was compulsory for medium length haired girls and pleats for long haired ones.It was part of the uniform.

love for untied hairs
love for untied hairs

I did untie my hair,which was full of oil too

Suddenly I heard Shanaya say sumthing..she actually said something which has changed my life forever.

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“Bitu!you didnt go because of Swati,right? “was all she said …I was till then looking at the window, at the dancing clouds and suddenly my gaze startled from the window and god knows how it landed on his face…yes!the so called unaswered,unclaimed,unthought guy from the last episode was identified and he was sitting right there,diagonally straight in front of my eyes. He was sitted in the last row,with his back supported at the wall,heading to the west..staring at me while I was leaning against a bench in the second last row heading east.And that it why it was natural for my gaze to shift and halt right at his face (presetted conditions 🥰).

You could have assumed that it was unnatural for me to notice someone in such proximity but the fact that I never bothered about him neither did I want to identify his stature or his appereance is probably the solution to your query.

It was the moment where I realized so many things all together ….

  • He was the one.
  • He was actually present in the class with his best friend just for me.
  • His eyes were full of emotions ..the way he was looking at me with love struck eyes,immense,deep, naturally soothing and attractive.I noticed his face that day.His cutting was the same I liked adorned with sqaure framed specs,slight growth of moustache!thanks to his puberty,the way he sat with open arms and added to his spectacular expressions.

The expressions which I mean here didnot change even after Shanaya sulted in again,which made it clear,he was actually waiting for me.

love in school
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

And that was all.All of mine wanted to be all of his there and then.But my friends wouldnt have stopped bullying me for that and afterall I dont like expressing myself .That is where i decided to bury my feelings and to keep the attitude in my face as usual.

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I sat there on a bench biting my lips,recapturing the moments that happened some time before and it rewinded itself into 3-4 more flashes.

“So what was he staring at?”,I thought.

“ME”??”My untied hair “???

“So oily hair can do wonders”??I smiled to myself.

It was time for the break and the bell rang. I wanted to go to the loo and the moment I stepped out of the class,I saw him standing in the corridor.

Heaven knows for what reasons,I smiled at him and he smiled back.This time I had no control over my feelings.They started overwhelming,tickling me from head to toe.My heart could witness his dark yet handsome face decorated with that enchating smile which I still remember.

I knew women can melt a with their smile but vice versa!This was surprising enough so much so that I forgot that I actually wanted to pee.Yet I went to the loo,shut its door and looked at the mirror and thought to myself,

“What’s happening to me?’

“Why do i feel butterflies?”

Stay tuned for the next episode arriving soon…

Do share your views and let me know if you have ever felt like this..

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  1. Looks like your real life love story because the words you used to express the story feels so real and beautiful. I hope the love story is still continuing.
    So why don’t you write stories of yours in your new school like fights with junior or senior, annoying people in your school or maybe you doing something wrong with somebody out of ego or jealous or misunderstanding and you wish you could have made things better. Love stories have become conventional and quite same type try some other flavours !

    • hello vidya
      Thank you so much for your views.I will surely inculcate all of this in the same story.I am actually writing this under recommendation.But I would sincerly request you to keep following this story and I will surely include your favourite part too..


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