About Us

About us
Abhishikta about us

Cant sleep at night !!feeling butterflies in your tummy…worried or anxious ???

You are either in love or worried about your love..

Hey pals!!!!Swati here…..

Iam a proud Indian to have stepped into the world of blogging which ofocurse creates a lots of oppurtunities for everyone irrespective of your knowledge,age and whatsoever. Basically an agrico, I have graduated in 2019 from a very renowed agriculture university in Odisha.

Besides being in a proffession ,writing is something that always relishes,refreshes and recreates my best times. Penning down my mind has been my best companion since I was in my teens and thus here is where I stand.

Read on to know how and why am I writing this….and why should you follow my advices..

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I myself am in a relationship since 10 years with the say guy and to stay in love this long ! has never been a sweet task..As any of your relations too,there were huge crests and troughs in our relation too..But then we decided to take a STAND

And to add more we have been together since 10 years and counting ..that is..you can say even before HE started growing beards..!Well you can guess that from the name of the blog itself.You can learn more here

And we landed here….

Sooo..here I am ..with lot of real life experiences and relationship advices to keep your bond intact as you always wanted it to be….

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As a teenager

2009 – 2011

Love was never easy…specially when you are an Indian where secularism,faternity and equality holds good only in the preamble but not in the minds of people..

Reciprocating love

since 2011..

When internet was only a cafe thingy and chatting was limited to SMS services…

Well,whenever you read this,do know that this blog is entirely dedicated to you #the_ink_to_my_pen.

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To solve all your cases of introvert mind,distress love ,sleepless nights and anxious minds..this is your right platform..

We provide astrology and match making services too in this site for free…

Stay tuned to get the best of your feelings reciprocated…