Episode 6:The keychain..


Soon after the exam I was asked an unexpected question for which I needed more than 24 hours to decide.Whom should I choose was quite a dilemma.But then I had to select one and did my job after a long heart and mind battle.

The story continues….

Monday as the exam was over I came out to the lawn .To my surprise the degree of my anxiousness was equal to the whole male population’s that day.Before I could spill out the name the same two persons came rushing.I controlled my emotions not to seem desperate.

The keychain
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“So what did you think?”,Samarth initiated.

“See I actually like both of them ,I mean as a friend”,I said trying to seem unbiased rather to hide my emotions for him..

“Look we really don’t wanna here this,”as a friend”but just the answer. “

“I mean both of them are nice but to choose one I would go for bitu “,I smiled to myself.It was because I detested Pratyush for his oversmartness.He was good as a competitor not more than that.Well! I never knew by then that I would have to pay for his rejection too.

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Both of the messengers cheered up from the lawn itself shouting out the name of the winner and seconds later I saw him with whole of the male population marching towards the school gate.All of them were cheering up for him and congratulating him as if he won the Oscar or something

“Wow boy !Bravo”etc etc was all I could hear as the troop of monkeys went past me. I smiled all by myself.None of the girls  knew about this neither did I share this with anyone.I never wanted anyone to know the dilemma of my heart.I wanted all those feelings to die within me since it was natural for me to think that I would never be his girl officially…

(N.B:I scored 79 on 80 in physics In that exam,lost a mark because of him which was why I never wanted to be in a relation )

Few really cute and romantic instances happened later that year.

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On a fine day the guy seated next to me initiated suddenly ,”have you seen your husband’s keychain?”

“And who is that? ,”I replied

“Ah!your darling bitu and his keychain“.

“First of all he is not my husband and secondly how am I supposed to see his keychain?”.

The keychain
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 I frowned with astonishment.He sprang up from his seat,went to him and came back with his cycle keychain .He didn’t let me touch that and started teasing me.

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He showed me that oval shaped keychain with something engraved on it.

“I love u “was written on the top

“This is quite common,what’s so special in it?”I reacted.

Then he rotated the keychain to show me the other side .

“1 3 U Z C”,was all it said.Deep inside I knew it was my name !someway or the other !either my good name or nick name coded into something! It had to be my name anyhow.I tried decoding it and to help me that guy rotated it by 90 degrees and then I could decode it was ,”1 3 U N U=BUNU”,my nick name.

Had it not been my name on the keychain I would have been heartbroken for sure .

On after every few months he tried flirting with me rather wooing me unlike other boys,amazing me with his ways of being unique.He never tried hurting , disturbing or irritating me and this was what attracted me the most but yeah I like the whole of him.

It was chemistry class and I was not in a mood to pay attention neither any of the students were.Tje teacher was teaching something out of the course perhaps but thank god changing seats in his class was not a crime unlike others.

Filling up slam books for each other was common amongst few girls that month.Snehaprava was one of them .Her bench patner was absent that day so she edged towards me for some girl wala gossips and later she called bitu from his place just to fill her slam book.She asked him to fill it himself to which he denied rather agreed to dictate the answers so that snehaprava can write it down for him.

The keychain
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I only remember the answers to few of the questions like :

Favorite place:”in her heart “,he answered pointing towards me ..

Favorite date :”her birthday “

Favorite moments :”hanging out with her “..

Hobby :”thinking about her “….and few more like this to mention.

I was sitting still…enjoying and blushing at all of his answers .

Soon the bell rang and he left.

“Did he propose?Has something happened between you too?look how confidently he was answering”snehaprava giggled

“Nothing like dat “,I said crushing her imaginations.

It was winters .Gleaming and glaring with our special winter garments the days to get more cozy with the quilt had already arrived bringing in the best part of school days ,the mere word that excites everyone !picnic..

Class 8 and 7 were to go to a study tour called picnic to a distant place about 4 hours from the locality..a dream land for everyone of us back then ,visiting the museum,plantarium and the best part Disney land of everyone then-nicco park was in the agenda .The school had arranged everything from breakfast to dinner and the trip was programmed to start sharp by  6 am on the eventful day and the trip demanded a mere sum of 200 rupees from each interested candidate .

the keychain
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Now comes the toughest part,belling the cat

My excitement in the school after the eventful notice knew no bounds but there was a thought erupting like a volcano deep in my heart which was”abba nahin manege “and reason was obvious.Our company didn’t allot the school bus for any such recreational purpose other than regular school timings,the trip was planned from 6 am to 10 pm.Returning back to home by bike was too dangerous since roads would have been quite lonely and the hope of any other means of transport being provided by the company was a mere imagination .

But then I had to go to picnic anyhow because incase if someone else flirts with my boy !!then who’s to be held responsible !!!

So I decided to give it a trial.Mission belling the cat was to be done that evening but how??I was very bad at convincing people.

After the school rang its last bell throughout the way I back home I was just worried by one single thought what if I am not allowed ??I shall miss watching him for an entire day !

Back at home I started my expedition …..

Opening my shoes in front of the shoe stand I shouted ,”mom the school is organizing picnic the very next week.Can I go??”,taking a pause I continued,”Pllleeaasseee”…

Mom came out the kitchen with her beautiful answer,”Nooo”! and a frown.

I never went on any school picnic before other than the ones back at lower primary which were being organized at the school park itself .

“But why?everyone is going.Why should I be deprived always ?”

“and the timings are ….?”

“6am  to 10 pm “

“What !how are you even asking me abt this !its a obvious NO ..

“But please ..”

“Ask your father if he would let u go …”

I sat down for lunch arguing about the pros and cons of the picnic sadly waiting for my father to come back home.I had already started losing hope by then.

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