Episode 4:Holding hands with him


The dance practise was about to begin after the finalization of pairs.The last pair in the list was Swati and Abhisek.I was paired with him.

The story continues….

Practice day 1 :positioning of pairs

“Why isnt he talking to me ?is he so shy !! “,was the first question which I asked to myself when I was made to stand besides him.

All I could do was to initiate the conversation by myself.

“U are quite taller than me !! Like really tall “,I started looking at the perhaps 6 inch gap in our body lengths.

“Wear a heeled boot then “.was the most stupid yet melodious reply..

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Boy and girl dancing
Image by Alexander Belyaev from Pixabay

Someone amongst us initiated the dance and regulated the steps as to what the boy and the girl should do respectively.One of the best part of it was holding hands once in the line ,”haaton me tu haath tham le “and then leaving hands to rotate once about yourselves.

As the instructors finished their job we started following their footprints.The line to hold hands arrived and he stretched out his hand for me to hold him back.I reacted him out instantly and gave away my hand rather my heart into his.His touch for the first time seemed so familiar as if I was addicted to it from ages ago or something.It was soothing and his hand was enough to accommodate mine.I still remember the tremendous co-ordination we shared just to perform that step.While all the other steps needed a much more practice,that particular hand holding thing was as if made for us.We did it the best.

Day 2:more practice

The second part of the dance was being taught by our heroic choreographers but for me it was some more holding of hands.What lacked was he never initiated any and as a matter of this fact,it led me to think,”What kind of lover boy is he?”doesn’t even initiate”.

The day was followed by a good amount of evening practice and while I was returning home,I had already decided not to wash my hands just to retain his touch for some hours more.

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Day 4:day before the finals

This was the time for the stage rehearsals and for that I visited the staffroom and requested our friendly teachers to allot their classes for practice.By the end of the day we were instructed to be present positively in the evening for the final practice failing which the absent fellow would be adjusted by someone.Their was no excuse but to be present.

Holding hands
Holding hands

This was my biggest terror. My house was about 7 kms away from my school and late in the evening there would be no means of transport available. I could have asked my father to get me back home but I already knew he has some important meeting to attend that evening.But then my absence would have meant a replacement of mine which was beyond my imagination,”How can he be holding hands of some other girl?”.

So the only option left was this.I borrowed a keypad mobile from a teacher and then made a call to my mother,explained her the situation to which she assured me that my father would be there to get me back.I was relieved and was about to leave the place .Just then I had walked away a bit that my teacher called me back and said that mom had asked me to come back home instead of residing in some friends house since my father wouldn’t be free that evening.

This meant that I had to miss the rehearsals.

I broke down at once.My face had lost its colour in agony.I was still unknown to what had just happened.It was exactly the opposite of what I had wanted.I walked back to the class silently.Something inside me was already dead.My appearance turned so melancholic that people in and around me started questioning like,”whats wrong with you?”,the answer to which was even unknown to me.

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At home :

My mom thought something really  bad happened to me and she immediately questioned “whats wrong?“ to which out of no where I poured down my agonies spontaneously ,”why do we have to stay if such a place where they don’t even have basic ammenties..and you! being parents can’t  get your child back from school.Do I always have to study without any co-curricular activities? “

My mom thought for a while and  said I will ask papa to get you back on time and to my surprise in no time my father agreed for the same

My face all on a sudden got back its pinkish blush.I forget that I was damn hungry and my brain tried to switch between possible dresses to wear for the evening (evening rehearsals were allowed without uniform). Soon after lunch I pulled out my dress from the cupboard after so much permutations and combinations and finally selected something weird yet beautiful.

My father left me at school before leaving to work and on reaching school,few girls went awww on my weird dress but I somewhere deep inside I was waiting for my Jack on the titanic.He was late that evening and the practice started on his arrival.Everything went as usual until something strange happened.

On the same line of the song where we usually had to hold hands,he clenched my hand in the regular manner and while we had to proceed to the next step he didn’t leave my hand.Infact he gripped them tighter and longer for god knows how much seconds or minutes.I had to force my hand out of his since we had already missed the 2 or 3 steps which followed.

 The moment got me goosebumps.I started sweating and melting from within just like a burning candle in his love.His touch electrified whole of me down through the spine.All of a sudden I could not hear the music being played and my face was surely pink by then.I instantly bit my lips and all I could do was to look at him from the corner of my eyes and watch him throwing his devil smile as if to say symbolize his victory.

Thankfully it was a secret then which is being revealed here.It wont be wrong if I say that everyone was busy dancing while we were busy holding hands.

And the practice ended with an everlasting impression etched in my memory cells with my first ever male dance patner .I wish I could get back that moment again.

That evening I could not read even a single line(from the practice day 1,I was atleast studying one line maximum everyday).All I could sit back and think,the way he held my hand,the way he loves oily hairs,weird clothes etc etc..

Holding hands
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

 A day later it was “the teacher’s” day which was organized in the school auditorium.The costume for our dance was something which was decided by me but then violated by me only to wear a jeans and a black top instead of kurti.He was already overflowing throughout my heart and mind so much so that I constantly kept on turning my head to and fro right and left till he arrived.

Then I got busy for a fraction of seconds with some of my friends.While I turned back again to find him,he was right behind me seated with his best friend.Once we locked eyes and he raised his brows with his devil smile again to which I am sure to have blushed.

That gave me a chance to turn back to glance at him ,talk to him for no reason every now and then ,hit him playfully just to touch him and then end up being teased by the other classmates .I still remember ,he was still and stuck ,staring at my face and listening to god knows whatever rubbish I was talking.For once he did hit me hard may be to touch me back but then later that evening,I received a call from one of my friend and she said,”Bitu asked me to say sorry”.

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