Homemade shampoo.10 different Homemade Shampoo recipes for all types of hair

Are you thinking of preparing some homemade shampoo for your beautiful hair?If yes,then you are at the right place.Know all about shampoo and why would you actually need a homemade shampoo and the different ways you can make it right at the comfort of your home.

What is a shampoo?

homemade shampoo
What is a shampoo

Shampoo is usually a viscous liquid most importantly used for cleaning hair(haircare product).It is usually massaged in the wet hair and then washed off.This removes the excess sebum that is deposited in the scalp  that makes your hair look dirty ,tangy and unmanageable.

Lets know what are its main ingredients?

Chiefly shampoo has water in the highest concentration apart from having some perfume are added aromas to it.The next important ingredients include

Sulphates –to form lather

Sodium chloride which is rather used to rough your cuticle a little and make thin hair look fuller.Sounds odd!right..

homemade shampoo
Ingredients of shampoo

Fatty alcohols to moisturize your hair.

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Salicyclic acid is used to control bacteria and thus is seen in majority of acnes treating products.So if you have lot of dandruff issue then do check for this compound before buying your shampoo.

Proteins are used In some shampoos to give hair its strength.

Its good to check for sulphates and parabens in your product since both of these compounds are in constant debate with respect to damage done by them to hair.

Why do we need a homemade shampoo?

Think of all those ingredients or compounds written in the back side of your shampoo bottle.Arent you worried about how your beautiful tresses are made to go through such chemicals all together everytime you shampoo your hair ??doesnt it panic you?It does panic me actually and I do pity my hair.

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Imagine how our ancestors used to clean their hair ?how did our grandparents do so ?I don’t think they used such chemicals

homemade shampoo
homemade shampoo

Here’s where the need for homemade shampoo arises.You can easily use only those products which have some positive effect on your hair instead of unnecessary chemicals.

Basic ingredients needed to make your shampoo?

1. Liquid castile soap:This gives the foam or lather to your shampoo.The best one available in the market is Dr.Bronners castile soap.There are other alternatives too,avalaible with different flavours.Use whichever flavor suits you.

2. Flavours or oils:This will make up the real essence of your shampoo apart from giving it the nature of work.

3.Water:This is the solvent of your shampoo(aqua).Water is ofcourse present in every shampoo available.Anyways we shall use about ½ cup of water.

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4.A pump or foaming bottle:This will work as a dispenser and will help you store your prepared shampoo for some more days.

5.Vegetable glycerine:This ingredient is required for everyone who have dry hair.

Lets know about 10 different ways you can make a shampoo at home.

So!!ready to make your homemade shampoo?

1.The secret recipe:

homemade shampoo
coconut oil

The secret to get hair which you can  flaunt easily everywhere is coconut milk and let me tell you why.This is because coconut milk is rich in cytokinin,a well known plant hormone for new cell formation and its growth and this is exactly how it will benefit your hair too.

To make a shampoo with this ,prepare coconut milk by grinding some coconut meat in a mixer and straining the meat out to get its milk.(you can boil this milk again to get coconut oil or directly use this milk for some lovely recipes..Isnt it great???).

Mix the following ingredients:

Add everything into a pump or foaming bottle(50 ml of water if you use foaming bottle).Lastly add 30 ml of liquid castile shop.

Store this in your shower and use once a week to help your hair grow faster.

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2.The dandruff guard:

homemade shampoo

Dandruff is quite embarrassing.It not only ruins the shoulder portion of your dress but also itching caused by it spoils your mood.Alternatively,there are about a hundreds of brands which claim their shampoos to be a cure of dandruff but everytime it returns back as soon as you stop using the shampoo.But there is a solution to this which gives some long time results.

A best method to drive away your dandruff is a neem and aloe combination which I personally use.Why should you use this ?Its because both aloe and neem have antifungal and antibacterial properties.Since dandruff is caused either due to yeast like fungus which causes flake like scalp skin ,underlying eczematic conditions or dry skin, so in either ways we need a fungicide or bactericide.

First of all,get a medium sized aloevera leaf and slice it longitudinally to obtain its gel.Scrap this gel ,grind it in a mixer and keep it handy,ready to use.

To make this shampoo ,use the following:


Add everything to a pump or foaming bottle with 30 ml of liquid castile soap and mix well.This shampoo will not only fight dandruff but also adds volume to your hair apart from making it bouncy and adding to its luster.Trust me this is my personal favourite shampoo.

3.The slight tinted hair

homemade shampoo
tinted hair

Who doesn’t want to add a slightly different colour to their hair apart from making it grow well.For this the best thing to use is hibiscus.Instead of using different chemicals to colour your hair or spending thousands in some salon,you can use this magical flower.

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Lets get some red coloured hibiscus flowers(about 10-12) and soak in overnight in water.Grind them well along with the water to a fine paste.Strain the paste well and again grind it so as to remove maximum colour from it.Your main ingredient is now ready.


To make the shampoo,mix the following:

Add everthing to a shampoo dispenser and mix well.Shampoo your hair with this awesome homemade product and enjoy the lightly reddish colour of your hair.

4.For cool cool hair

Many a times in summer or while working through a really tiring day we have always wanted to get our temperatures down,cool down ourselves and get some relaxing bath.For that all you need is some peppermint which is not only medicinal but gives you tingly feeling,cooling down your body.

peppermint for homemade shampoo
peppermint tincture

Before making your shampoo,lets get peppermint tincture ready.

Get some peppermint leaves and soak them overnight in water.Grind those leaves along with water to make a fine paste.Now strain this paste to remove as much as medicinal solution as possible.

Lets make our shampoo now.

Mix all the ingredients into your shampoo dispenser ,shake well and get your body relaxed.

5.For “No Grey” hair

homemade shampoo
grey hair

Who won’t like their hair to stay beautiful,lustrous and black till their last breathe??The modern era has changed our lifestyle so much that students even before being adult are growing old with grey hairs!!Many women too donot have deep shiny black hair the way they have always loved!!

Now its time that you forget your worries and start mending your hair.For this you will need the hair specialists.


Add all the above ingredients except the bhringraj oil into a cup of boiling water.You are actually brewing out a tea out of these hair specialist herbs.

Strain the tea and add 20 ml of it to 30 ml of liquid castile soap.Finally add bhringraj oil and mix everything into your shampoo bottle.Use this shampoo to wash your hair atleast once a week.I bet you will see the results and the difference within a month.

6.For shiny hair

homemade shampoo
lemon for shiny hair

Shiny hair is a must for everyone who works in a polluted environment.If you too are wondering how to protect your hair from pollution and damage,the best thing to use is lemon.This wonder fruit has citric acid which has effectively restores the shine in your hair.You would be amazed to know that lemon juice if applied directly to hair can reduce dandruff significantly.


This shampoo has the easiest recipe apart from being budget friendly.All you need to do is mix 10 drops of lemon juice,10 drops of coconut oil,5 to 10 ml of aloevera gel and 20 ml water with 30 ml of liquid castile soap.You can add in 5 drops of lavender oil to get that beautiful aroma.

Whoaa!! You are all set to rock.Apply this on your hair just to watch your hair regain its luster,feel bouncy and more volumuos.

7. Dry hair treatment

homemade shampoo
dry hair

Dry hair mostly is the result of low oil secretion in your scalp as a result of which your hair feels dry and knotty and gets difficult to manage.In those cases all you should do is increase using oil instead of powdered ingredients.Also donot use more of those artificial conditioners because many times chemicals seem to dry your hair.

The best way to treat this would be using aloevera and apple cidar vinegar.Simply add 2-3 teaspoons of aloevera gel,1-2 teaspoons of apple cidar vinegar to 30 ml of liquid castile soap.

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Donot forget to add 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin oil to your shampoo which actually will add the required nourishment to the oil.As a result of which your hair won’t feel dry anymore. Try using this recipe for about a month regularly to see the difference.

8.Herbal hair shampoo

herbal recipe for homemade shampoo
herbal shampoo

This is best for any kind of hair.All you need is some original hair specialist herbs and apple cidar vinegar.Before getting your hair shampoo ready ,do ensure that you have got some herbs handy such as rosemary leaves,bhringraj leaves,amla(Indian gooseberry fruits),methi seeds,hibiscus buds,curry leaves,sikakai etc ready.Add each of them into individual glass jars and pour in apple cigar vinegar so that the herbs stay immersed in it.

Now you can refrigerate and store these herbs easily and use whenever necessary.Whenever you think of shampooing your hair simply add 5-10 ml each of your favourite herbs solution and mix it with liquid castile soap.Donot add extra water to it.To it you can also add some drops of your favourite oil for fragrance and enjoy your herbal hair wash.

9.For excess oily hair

herbal recipe for homemade shampoo
oily hair

Is your hair dripping oil just within a day after shampooing?then this is the right page you are in.Your hair is dripping oil may be because of excess sebum production in your scalp.To avoid this all you can do is stop touching your hair often,avoid using hair wax or hair straightners etc.The best way to overcome this is reverse shampooing which means you need to condition your hair first and then apply shampoo,this not only removes oil but also keeps nutrients intact.

The best conditioner for your hair is a little coconut oil,some jojoba oil and a little curd.Apply this mixture on your hair and then wash it.Finally use a diy shampoo and now you are all set to get the great look.

To make the diy  shampoo use 10 ml of apple cidar vinegar,10 ml of lemon juice ,20 ml of water and about 30 ml of liquid castile soap.

Alternatively,you can use dry shampoo.

10.The unique dry shampoo

herbal recipe for homemade shampoo
dry shampoo

This comes in handy when you actually are in a hurry and you have no time to wash and then dry your hair.Maybe you currently have shortage of water to take a shower but you are in urgent need of shampoo.In those cases all you need is a dry shampoo.

For this you will need a good quality makeup brush to dust off the excess powder.All you need to do is take about 20 gm of arrowroot powder or cornstarch and then mix some cocoa powder with it (for the tinted hair) or simply mix activated charcoal (for the black hair).You can substitute cocoa powder with cinnamon powder (grind some cinnabon powder in a mixer).

This will smell heavenly.Now simply apply this to the roots of your hair with a makeup brush and dust off the excess powder.Remember to massage your hair with fingers(give some extra love to your hair!!).

Brush your hair with a comb and then apply a spray for the shine.

For making the spray use some orange or any citrus peels and add it to water .Let it sit for some time,about 10-15 minutes.Now strain and add to spray bottle.That ‘s it.You are all set!Dont you smell delicious now.Thank me later girl…

Pro tips:

pro tips for homemade shampoo
pro tips
  • All of these shampoos can be followed by neem wash.Simply boil a bunch of leaves in water and let it cool down.Rinse your hair with it after shampooing.This is extra beneficial for dandruff prone people like me.I always use this method to keep my hair healthy.
  • The measurements that I have used are approximate.Experiment with your required quantity and then add to the mix.But donot change the proportion.What I mean is its better to use a single spoon as a caliberated measure everytime you prepare the shampoo.
  • Roughly calculate the quantity of extra added ingredients and then add equal amount of liquid castile soap to form lather.
  • Remember these diy shampoos may not be good to store longer except the powdered forms or oils.The raw forms should be prepared and used within 15 days to retain its quality.

There may be situations where you will not have time to make and use these shampoos.In those situations all you need to do is use some organic ceritified shampoos,which is going to be published soon in my site.So stay tuned and use the comment section to add in your reviews or questions freely.

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