Boneless fish fry

If you are a non veggie lover like me then eating boneless fish would ofcourse relish your taste. This is a quick recipe which is ideal to treat sudden guests arrivals,no-much-time-left type parties,a tasty delight with odia cusine “pakala” and a must before you proceed making more out of the fish.

Fish fry is a very simple recipe and if you are a working woman like me, then you will surely love to make it..

Average calories:220 kcal

Cooking time:10-15 minutes

Suggested serving:add in some lemon juice,coriander leaves and chat masala

So lets just making your favourite fish fry..

Ingredients needed for fish fry

1Fish(washed and cleaned well)
2Mustard oil
4Chilly powder
5Jeera powder
6Dhania Powder
7Meat masala
8Gram Flour(Besan)
9Garam masala
10Curry leaves
11Whole jeera

Cooking process


1.Wash and clean the fish properly.This is very crucial since mostly fish is transported in ice chambers and is handled by many hawkers and vendors.So in the age of covid-19 be very careful not to omit this important step

2.Marinate the fish:

For this you will need to add some salt(according to your taste),chilly powder,jeera powder,meat masala,garam masala, dhania powder(half teaspoon each). This adds lovely flavours to your fish

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Add 2 tablespoon of besan or maida.This will help in binding your fish with the masala and give it a lovely texture.

marinated fish
marinated fish

3.Turn on the stove, place a pan and add some oil in it.Let it heat for some time.Wash and add few curry leaves and splutter some whole jeera.This adds lovely aroma to your fish fry.

heat oil in pan
heat oil in pan

4.As you smell the fragnance of fried curry leaves, go on and add the pieces of fish slowly one by one into the pan. Be Careful not to mess with the heated oil.

5.Leave it for some time.Keep the flame high.

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fish fry
fish fry

6.After some time toss the pieces slowly and let the other side get cooked as well.This helps in uniform cooking of fish.

fish fry2
fish fry

7.You can now see the beautiful texture of the fish.Let it get cooked for some more time.

8.Turn off the stove and slowly remove the pieces into a serving plate.

fish fry ready to serve
fish fry

Pro tips:

  • Always use a deep pan while frying.This ensures that oil doesnt splutter much while frying
  • Let the oil heat before putting in the pieces.This way you consume less fuel and also fry faster.

There are a multiple advantages of eating fish. Following are few to enlist:

1.Fish has vital proteins required for your body(Tuna fish has highest amount of protien)

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2.Cod liver oil derived from herring and salmon fish is the second largest source of vitamin D after sunlight

3.Fish is easy to digest and has relatively less fat,so you can cook this for your entire family

4.Omega3-fatty acids in fishes reduce risks of heart diseases.In a study conducted it has been found that 40000 men eating fish more per week have 15% less risk of heart diseases.

5.Apart from this ,fish can aid in brain development and may protect you from autoimmune disorders.

So do try this recipe and let me know in the comment box how did you enjoy cooking.


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